We require a completed player registration form for each person who trains at our academy.  Please complete and submit a player registration form online: www.royalbadmintonacademy.com. The form opens immediately after accessing our website.

Along with the player registration form, we require every student account to have a credit card on file.

Our policy is to receive payment in advance of the first training class.  We accept cash, check, or Zelle. If using Zelle, please send payment to va@badmintonroyal.com and the account name is STARS SPORTS ACADEMY, INC.  We also accept all major credit cards, however, there is a 4.5% processing fee in addition to the balance due.


PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to charge your credit card if we do not receive advanced payment of full registration within ten days of the first training class.

We communicate to parents and trainees via mass or individual emails. It is your responsibility to check for emails from us as we do not have control over whether our emails are delivered to your junk/spam folder.


All youth group training occurs on a six-week registration interval.  The interval may be shorter during winter and summer breaks.

Royal Team – 36 Sessions (6 Sessions per Week)

Royal Intermediate Team – 24 Sessions (4 Sessions per Week)

Royal Pre-Intermediate Team – 24 Sessions (4 Sessions per Week)

Talented Youth – 12 Sessions (2 Sessions per Week)


PLEASE NOTE: One parent must accompany the student(s) on the first class of the registration period.


Registration is accepted anytime for the minimum number of sessions as outlined above.

  • If you registered in the middle of the 6-weeks interval, you must plan to complete the pro-rated number of sessions in the current six-weeks in which your child(ren) is registered.
  • If it is not possible to complete all the sessions before the current registration period ends, please consult with us.
  • We will allow two cancellations/make-up classes every registration period. *Please see CANCELLATION POLICY below for more details.


Re-Registration Notice

  • Ten days from your last session, please notify us via email of your decision as to whether or not the student(s) will be continuing onto the next registration period. Please send an email to: va@badmintonroyal.com.
  • If we do not receive your decision by your last session, we reserve the right to auto-renew your registration until advised otherwise.

Talented Youth Group – $20/Registration period

Royal Intermediate Team & Pre-Intermediate Team – $60/Registration Period

Royal Advanced Team – Shuttlecock fee is calculated at the end of each six-week interval according to the number of shuttlecock tubes used divided by the number of registrants within that period and then invoiced for payment.

For adults, there is a minimum of 10 sessions payable in advance.  Training occurs every Tuesday evening 7-8:30pm. One cancellation/make-up is permitted.


There is a pre-requisite that the student must already be registered for 4 group classes per week before he/she is eligible for private classes. Private training is in addition to group training.

Adults are eligible to register for private training without any pre-requisite. 


In order for us to have proper coach coverage, we plan accordingly to the number of registrants scheduled for the week.  Please notify us AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE if you or your child(ren) will not be attending the scheduled training session.  We prefer email notification at va@badmintonroyal.com.  If you cannot email us, please call 571-313-0061. If we do not get notified at least 24-hours in advance, the cost of the missed session will be forfeited, marked as “NO SHOW”, and will not be re-scheduled, made-up, or refunded.


Make-up classes must be scheduled in the current six-weeks in which you or your child(ren) is registered.


For cancellation of Private Training without prior 24-hours’ notice, a $30 cancellation fee will be charged.


If you would like to discuss your or your child(ren)’s progress with our coaches, please let management know so that we may schedule a meeting or conference call.  Please refrain from approaching the coaches during training sessions as this is disruptive to training.


We accept shoes that are worn *indoor only* AND are stamped with “NON-MARKING” on the soles.  If the shoes do not meet both requirements, we will not allow you on court.  We have shoes for rent ($5/session) and shoes for purchase. If you are unsure if your shoes are allowable, please ask us.

Please wear breathable and comfortable sportswear. Clothes that are too loose may impede physical movements.

We can provide basic-level racquets for the first few classes. However, we recommend purchasing a racquet to which you or your child can become accustomed.


Please have ample water or beverages to keep adequately hydrated. We do not have water fountains on site. We do have bottled water and other beverage for sale.

There are a number of courts that are used for training. The other courts are subject to court reservations.  Unless instructed by a coach, please do not occupy any unused courts. Please do not use any court while waiting for your child(ren) unless you have reserved it.