coaching rate per hour

private lesson
in One Week
1 Hour: $85
2 Hours: $80/h
3 Hours: $75/h
4 Hours: $70/h
Semi Private
in One Week
1 Hour: $55
2 Hours: $50/h
3 Hours: $45/h
4 Hours: $40/h
Group Class (Max 6)
in One Week
1 Hour: $35
2 Hours: $30/h
3 Hours: $25/h
4 Hours: $20/h

our coaches

Coach Tiancheng Wang (Leo) – USATT Rating 2301

Coach Tiancheng (Leo) Wang started playing table tennis at 5 years old in Wuxi Table Tennis Training Center in China. He coached at Pingpod for 2 years. His student has been selected to U.S junior national team. He has a unique insight of pips rubber, serves, and third ball attack.

Awards: Achieved 2301 USA Table Tennis Association rating (Top 5%). U.S Hardbat Classic Table Tennis Association ranked as 8″. 2023 Major League Table Tennis Ambassador 2023 National College Table Tennis Association National Singles Top 16, Northeastern Regional Third Place 2021 Pennsylvania State Championship Open Single Champion.

Coach Allen Lin – USATT Rating 2383

Allen Lin started playing table tennis as a kid in Michigan and has competed and coached for many years. He coached at Michigan State University for five years, George Washington University for two years, and is currently a pro at Spin DC since 2019.

Awards:  Ranked number 300 on USATT at 2383 rating  |  4-time men’s singles state champion of Virginia  |  Two-time doubles state champion of Virginia  |  2-time junior state champion of Michigan  |  2008 doubles state champion of Michigan  |  Three-time Capital Area Table Tennis League champion

Coach Josh Tran – USATT Rating 2248

Coach Joshua started playing Table Tennis at the age of 10. Since then, he has trained at many prestigious clubs and has competed in many national tournaments all across the United States. In addition to being the Towson Table Tennis club president while attending Towson University, he has been coaching students of all ages and levels since 2014, and is currently a pro at Spin DC.

Awards: Achieved a peak USATT rating of 2248 | 2015 Triangle 2-man Teams Tournament 1st place | 2015 & 2019 Capital Area Table Tennis League 1st place | 2019 Capital Area Table Tennis League MVP | 2019 & 2023 Coconut Cup 1st place

Coach Wade Sun – USATT Rating 2138

Coach Wade Sun has been playing Table Tennis for over 4 decades and coaching for nearly 3 decades. He was the president of the table tennis club at his university, and at his current workplace. Wade started playing competitively at age 16 after one week of junior training at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

Awards:  Wade has represented his home clubs, SDTTA and PATTC, in numerous tournaments throughout the US and has won many US National titles in singles and doubles ratings events. Recent accomplishments: 2023 Gold medal Northern Virginia Senior Olympics over 50, and 3x finalist at Joola North American Teams. Highest rating achieved: 2225

Coach Naveen Vaddadi – USATT Rating 2036

Coach Naveen Vaddadi has been playing table tennis since 2014, reaching a peak rating of 2092. The 2022 Virginia state champion has a unique approach to the game, focusing on tactics and mental toughness.

Awards:  …


League Registration Form

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MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Registration fee is $15
  • Starts each Saturday at 4:30 pm
  • Registration time ends Saturday noon
  • Seats one, two, and three get a cash prize
  • All ratings are welcome to join
Player LIST

Open Hours & Court Rental

1-10 pass: $12
Buy 10, Get 2 Free: $120
Buy 20, Get 5 Free: $240

Players with more than 2000 rating: 8AM to 8PM (Everyday)
Members: 8PM to 8AM (Every Night)

Table Rental Fees

One hour: $30
Two hours: $50
Three hours: $70

Membership Fees

$60/ month
$300/ 6 months
Time: 8 pm to 8 am weekdays

Based on USATT Rating

1800+(10%)  |  1900+ (20%)  |  2000+(30%)  |  2100+(40%)  |  2200+(50%)  |  2300+ (free access)


Every Saturday at 4:30 PM we will have a league at the club. Entry for members is 15$ and non members is 20$. The league is free for players over 2300+ with active USATT membership.

We will be using official USATT ratings for seeding purposes. If you do not have an active USATT rating, this does not mean you cannot play we encourage you to obtain one. Please speak to the league official to get an estimated rating for the time being.

1/2 of the proceeds will go to the club with the rest being distributed as prizes for the top three players. League will be in a round robin fashion, with a minimum of 12 players participating. That will be two groups of 6 players in a round robin with a cross over for semifinals and finals. The prizes will be he handed out as follows.
1. 50% of proceeds
2. ⁠30% of proceeds
3. ⁠20% of proceeds
We will be using butterfly balls as this league is sponsored by our official club sponsor Butterly. You are welcome to use your own.

They can play on weekdays from 8 pm to 8 am, unlimited.

$60 per month and $300 for six month

If you rate the club, you will get a free Club T-shirt.

For training classes, it has to be at least 24 hours before the class. Unless we deduct the table fee, the rest will be refunded.

Weekdays, 4 pm to 7 pm. weekends 5:30 pm to 6 am

weekend all tables, weekdays half of the tables

Yes, weekdays 4 pm to 7 pm

one hour, $30
two hours $50
three hours $70

4 Players max for each table

We are trying to make the connection with USATT to use their rating system
till then, we can set up an in-house rating system

  • Private lesson:

    one hour in one week $85
    two hours in one week, $80
    three hours in one week, $75
    four hours in one week, $70

  • Semi-private:

    one hour in one week, $55
    two hours in one week, $50
    three hours in one week, $45
    four hours in one week, $40

  • Group lesson(max six student):

    one hour in one week, $35
    two hours in one week, $30
    three hours in one week, $25
    four hours in one week, $20

Yes, as we follow the policy as a distributor, we can offer fair prices and occasionally sell.


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